Civil Infrastructure


Carlson Civil users have an extensive selection of analysis and design tools at their fingertips, including these favorites:

  • Road NETwork – Use it for the design of streets, highways, roadway intersections, Cul-de-Sacs, traffic circles and more
  • Lot NETwork – Design and layout of tracts of land including residential subdivisions, office parks and commercial property development projects
  • Site NETwork – Automate the tasks of subgrade design, takeoffs, cost-estimating and surface model generation and migrate this data to GPS-assisted machine control products
  • Design Pad Template – For complex grading scenarios involving foundation pads, drainage basins, parking lots and more
  • Project Setups – Flexible data and settings storage
  • Data Compatibility – Supports industry stand LandXML, plus specific data conversion

CAD Standards:

  • Draw Standard Items: Create common CAD entities with pre-defined properties
  • Settings Explorer: Manage all program settings from single interface
  • Settings Libraries: setup tables for symbols, layers, road templates, etc.
  • Data Depot: Document management for workgroups and archiving
  • Project Sub-Folders: Custom controls of data folders by type



  • Pipe Culvert Design – Added method for tailwater by channel or discharge rating and added overtopping analysis.
  • SCS Rainfall Library – New command to define an SCS data reference library for rain events.
  • Rational Rainfall Library – Added import of IDF tables from comma separated text files.
  • Collision Conflict Check – Added support for checking unlimited pipe networks and using the report formatter.
  • Sewer Network Design – Added option for junction loss for pipe connections including laterals. Added method for tailwater at each outlet. New method to set symbol rotation by screen pick. Added graphic preview during .sew file selection.
  • Lateral Design – Allow for multiple lateral connections at manholes.
  • Identify Pipe Polylines – New command to ID or list pipe data assigned to 3D polylines.
  • Import Network From 3D Polylines – Added method to control order of names by design order, elevation or polyline direction. Added method to set rim elevation by depth.



Carlson TerraVision enables users to go from a 2D line drawing to a 3D presentation complete with realistic paving and vegetation textures, trees and greenery, figures, buildings, vehicles, and heavy equipment. The finished depicting can also feature accurate shadowing depending on time-of-day selected.


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