Field Supplies

All-Weather Paper Brochure     Shop All-Weather Paper

rite in the rain

Survey Laths     Shop Survey Laths





Arctic Plus Flagging Tapes     Shop Flagging Tapes
Width 1” x Length 125’, Available in fluorescent colors: pink, red, blue, lime, orange, yellow, and black.

flagging tape

Barricade Tapes 3″x1000′     Shop Barricade Tapes

Caution TapeDanger Tape

Aervoe Marking Paint     Shop Marking Paint

  • 20 oz./can
  • Operated only when can is upside down.
  • Designed to mark and adhere to many different surfaces which include pavement, gravel, grass, and soil.

marking paint





Aervoe Marking Stick (long) and Marking Gun (short)     Shop Marking Sticks/Guns


Sakura Oil-based Paint Pens Low Temperature (LT)     Shop Sakura Pens






Sakura Oil-based Paint Pen Glow-in-the-Dark     Shop Sakura Pens

glow in the dark marker




Aervoe Industrial Paint Pens     Shop Paint Pens
Colors: red, yellow, black, and white

Paint Pens

Dixon Lumbar Crayons     Shop Dixon Lumbar Crayons
Colors: black, yellow, red, blue, white, and pink

Dixon Lumber Crayon

Dixon Black Marker (8700)    Shop Dixon Black Marker

Dixon Black marker



Red Colored Lead Pencil (Keson LP72R)     Shop Red Colored Pencil








Mag Nails     Shop Mag Nails

Mag Nail

Spad Stainless     Shop Spad Stainless

Spad Stainless Steel [500 per box]

Stake Tacks     Shop Stake Tacks

ChrisNik Stake Tacks






Gammon Reel     Shop Gammon Reels

  • 12 FT Gammon Reel for Construction- Power Return Plumb Line Reel Mylar Protected Target Brass Wear-Guard 3.5 metres of string (12 ft).
  • Gammon Reel for Surveyors- Power Return Plumb Line Reel – automatically retracts cord.  Mylar Protected Target.  2m of orange cord
  • Gammon Reel Nylon Cord Refill 24 YDS







Plumb Bob Target (8126-20)    Shop Plumb Bob Target






Quik Stik Targets (25/pack, 89126-40)     Shop Quik Stik Targets







Target Reflectors     Shop Target Reflectors

SurveySite #RS-20 20mm x 20mm silver (10/pack)     Shop Target Reflectors
SurveySite #RS-30 30mm x 30mm silver (10/pack)     Shop Target Reflectors
SurveySite #RS-40 40mm x 40mm silver (10/pack)     Shop Target Reflectors

SurveySite #RS-50Y 50mm x 50mm Diamond-Grade yellow (10/pack)     Shop Target Reflectors
SurveySite #RS-60Y 60mm x 60mm Diamond-Grade yellow (10/pack)     Shop Target Reflectors

silver reflectiveDiamond Grade reflective sheet





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