Field Equipment

#MBS-001 SurveySite Mini Bipod System     Shop MBS-001

#MBS-001 Mini Bipod System






#TRP-002 SurveySite Heavy Duty Aluminum Tripod (Screw Lock)     Shop Tripods
Specifications-  Weight: 9.25 lbs (4.2kg), Length extended: 66″ (170cm), Length collapsed: 40.5″ (103cm), 16cm head












#TRP-001 SurveySite Fiberglass Tripod (Quick Clamp+Screw Lock combination)    Shop Tripods
Specifications- Weight: 17 lbs (8kg), Length extended: 70.5″ (179cm), Length collapsed: 44.5″ (113cm)









SurveySite Elevator Tripod (Quick Clamp)     Shop Tripods
Specifications- 16Lbs (7.6kg), Length extended 118″ (300cm), Length collapsed: 50″ (128cm), Working length: (47″ – 114″) 120cm – 290cm
elevator tripod









#BIP-001 SurveySite Bipod (Thumb Release)     Shop Bipods
Specifications-  Weight: 4 lbs (1.8kg), Length extended: 71.5″ (182cm), Length collapsed: 42.5″ (108cm)








#TRL-001 SurveySite Tripod for Poles (Thumb Release)     Shop Tripod
Specifications- Weight: 6 lbs (2.7kg), Length extended: 71.5″ (182cm), Length collapsed: 42.5″ (108cm)

prism tripod







Prism Poles     Shop Prism Poles

  • SurveySite Twist-Lock Aluminum Prism Poles #POL-26 (8ft/2.6m), #POL-36 (12ft/3.6m), and #POL-46 (15.25ft/4.6m)

2.5m prism pole

#POL-128 SurveySite Mini Stakeout Prism Rod     Shop Mini Stakeout Prism Rod









#GPS-001 SurveySite GNSS RTK Rover Pole (Twist Lock)     Shop Rover Poles
Specifications- Full length: 2.5m, Collapsed length: 1.37m, Units: ft and m, Material: Carbon Fiber on outside









#GPS-002 SurveySite GNSS RTK Rover Rod     Shop Rover Poles
Specifications- Fixed length: 2m, Material: Carbon Fiber


SurveySite Leveling Rods     Shop Leveling Rods

  • Metric E Leveling Rod (#LR-55): Metric E on front, 10ths/Feet on back, aluminum, 5m/5 sections
  • Metric E Leveling Rod (#LR-75): Metric E on front, 10ths/Feet on back, aluminum, 7m/5 sections
  • Metric E Leveling Rod (#LR-8): Metric E on front, 8ths/standard inches on back, aluminum, 5m/5 sections
  • SurveySite Leveling Rod Bubble (#RL-001)

leveling rodRL-001

Prism Set (0/-30mm Prism, Tribrach with optical plummet/laser plummet, 5/8″ rotatable adaptor)
Shop Prisms/Tribrachs/Adaptors

-30mm prismTRI-001laser tribrachrotate adaptor







SurveySite Leica Prism Set (-34mm Leica Prism, Tribrach with optical/laser plummet, 5/8″ rotatable adaptor, Leica to 5/8-11 adaptor)
Shop Leica Prisms/Tribrachs/Adaptors



#MPR-001 SurveySite Mini Prism Set     Shop Mini Prism Set

Specifications- 0mm/-30mm offset; includes: plumb bob prism point, U-bracket, S-hook, 5/8-11 thread, carrying case with belt loop







#MPR-004 SurveySite Leica Mini Prism Set     Shop Leica Mini Prism Set
Specifications- +17.5mm offset; includes plumb bob prism point, S-hook, soft carrying case
1 Leica mini prism







#MPR-003 SurveySite Leica L-Bar Mini Prism     Shop L-Bar Mini Prisms
Specifications- 0mm offset, 25mm copper coated






#RPR-001 SurveySite +2mm offset 360 degrees Prism     Shop 360 degrees Prisms

360 prism







#RPR-005 SurveySite +23.1mm Leica-style 360 degrees Prism     Shop 360 degrees Prisms








#RPR-002 SurveySite +23.1mm Leica-style 360 degrees Prism     Shop 360 degrees Prisms








Survey Vests 
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL     Shop Survey Vests








12, 14, 16, 18, 24, and 32 oz. Plumb Bobs     Shop Plumb Bobs

plumb bob







Plumb Bob Holder     Shop Plumb Bob Holders

plumb bob holder







Keson Measuring Wheels     Shop Measuring Wheels
MP401E (large single wheel): ft., in. & ft., 10ths metric, continous in.
RR182 (double wheels): ft., in
RR102 (double wheels): ft., 1oths
RR30M (large single wheel): m, dm
RR10M (single wheel): m, dm







Pocket Tapes    
Keson 25ft. Feet & 10ths/Metric (PG10M25)     Shop Pocket Tapes
Keson 25ft./7.5m Feet & Inches/Metric (PG18M25)     Shop Pocket Tapes

Keson 25ft





Pocket Rods
6ft. Feet & 10ths (PR610)     Shop Pocket Rods
2m. Metric (PR2M)     Shop Pocket Rods
6ft. Feet & Inches (PR610)     Shop Pocket Rods

pocket rods









Fiberglass Measuring Tapes    

Keson 100ft. Feet & Tenths/Metric (OTR10M100)     Shop Fiberglass Measuring Tapes
Keson 165ft. 100ths, Tenths and Feet & Metric (OTR10M165)     Shop Fiberglass Measuring Tapes

Keson OTR-10M-100







#DCB-001 SurveySite Pole Clamp      Shop Pole Clamps
Specifications- Bubble vial, compass, anodized aluminum, compatible with most quick-release cradles/brackets







#DCB-011 SurveySite Pole Clamp      Shop Pole Clamps
Specifications- Compass, compatible with most quick-release cradles/brackets






#DCB-002 SurveySite TSC3/Ranger3 Bracket      Shop Data Collector Brackets







#DCB-003 SurveySite Nomad Bracket     Shop Data Collector Brackets








Lath Bags (Re-enforced Composite Base)     Shop Lath Bags
Sizes- 24″, 36″, 48″











Prism & Carrying Bags     Shop Prism & Carrying Bags
Sizes- Small (9″ x 8″ x 2″), Large (12″ x 8″ x 3″)







#RTC-001 SurveySite Retractable Traffic Cone     Shop



Summer Surveyors’ Gloves     Shop Summer Gloves

gloves summer

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