Spectra Precision LL100N Laser Level Package: 999CAD     Shop Lasers



  • LL100N Data Sheet
  • HR320 laser receiver, rod clamp
  • 2 Alkaline batteries
  • Carrying case








Spectra Precision LL300N-4 Laser Level Package: 1,399CAD     Shop Lasers


  • LL300S Data Sheet
  • HL450 Laser receiver, rod clamp
  • C45 adaptor
  • 10 Ah NiMH batteries and charger
  • Carrying case






Spectra Precision GL422N Dual Grade Laser Package: 3,399CAD     Shop Lasers


  • GL422N Data Sheet
  • HL760 laser receiver, rod clamp
  • C70 adaptor
  • RC402N remote controller
  • 10 Ah NiMH batteries and charger
  • Carrying case





Spectra Precision DG711 Pipe Laser Package: 6,999CAD     Shop Lasers


  • DG711 Data Sheet
  • RC502  remote controller
  • NiMH battery pack and charger
  • Carrying case





Spectra Precision DR400 Digital Rod: 1,049CAD     Shop Lasers


  • DR400 Brochure
  • Check elevations quickly without conventional leveling/grade rods
  • Increase worker safety by reducing the need to enter trenches
  • Eliminate calculation errors and out of plumb errors
  • Eliminate tool marks on screeded concrete
  • Increase productivity with quicker grade checks





Leica Lino P5 5-Dot Laser: 330CAD     Shop Lasers

Leica Lino P5








SurveySite Wall Bracket for Laser Levels #WB-002     Shop Lasers

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